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About MYB

Who We Are

M.Y.B Enterprises was founded by Mr. Muhammad Yuonus and is actively serving as the C.E.O. of the company. The company was formed in the year 1996 and registered itself with FBR in the year 2003. One can trust the personal experience we have in handling all different types of goods and commodities.

Mr. Awais Yuonus, the elder son of Mr. Muhammad Younus, also works jointly in the company and due to his aggressive approach towards business expansion, formed another firm with mutual understanding with his father in 2014 with the name M/S. Muhammad Younus Brothers, Proprietor Mr. Awais Yuonus. Both the companies work on different assignments under one roof to provide extended services to their customers.

M.Y.B Enterprises management knows from experience that shippers and receivers struggle at times to schedule shipments, coordinate pickup & delivery times and make on time deliveries, we ensure our customers that their goods / cargo are in safe and secure hands.

M.Y.B Enterprises was founded on the principle of superior customer service. Our company has grown by continuing to build on this principle and the desire to be a company that would be “equipped with the best” in every way. We measure our success by the efficiency of our operations and our client’s satisfaction. Our staff and the equipment they operate are the keys to the outstanding performance of our company. All the equipment we own is held up to a rigorous preventative maintenance program, attending to the smallest details to ensure safety of goods to our customers.

With significant investments in equipment, technology and infrastructure M.Y.B Enterprises is today one of the most prominent warehousing company with consistent service levels.