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Information Policy

Confidential Information

The information of the company (be it e-mails, letters, manuals, agreements, contacts, etc) is just that: It is the information of the Company and not to be shared with anyone outside the Company or even in the Company if there is no business reason for it. Similarly, any information obtained from a Customer is not to be disclosed or shared outside of the Company and even then only with those within the Company to whom it pertains.

In short, no Employee is permitted to disclose any Company trade secrets (commercial or otherwise), any confidential or personal information that they have been given access to in order for them to properly to carry out their duties. This obligation may also extend to a fixed period of time after an employee leaves the Company as well.

Company Resources

The resources provided by the Company are there to assist employees in performing their day to day responsibilities efficiently and productively. While the Company ensures that all needed resources, be it equipment or otherwise, are provided to aid the employee in effectively carrying out Company business, the employee is responsible for ensuring that these resources are used for work and work only purposes. Under no circumstances are these resources to be shared with anyone outside the Company or to be used for private purposes. Similarly, employees are responsible for taking appropriate measures to protect these resources.

Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

In conducting day to day business activities, all employees are to follow and observe the local laws, rules and regulations of our country and the area they operate in. Needless to say, this is mandatory.